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Best Seller Products for Weight Loss, Cellulite, and Localized Fat - Visible Results in Just 28 Days of Use, with a Money-Back Guarantee for Those Who Don't See a Difference!*

Mastic Origins formulas reduce cellulite and localized fat by up to 3 centimeters*.

The treatment includes:

  1. Lipodermique: With systematic use, the first impressive results are visible from the very first week. Its composition is enriched with mastic, red seaweed, and Peruvian Ginseng*, a unique innovation for cellulite and localized fat!

    Clinical studies* have proven that it:

    • Increases Lipolysis by +129%, drastically reducing localized fat and cellulite, minimizing the appearance of orange peel skin.
    • Reduces thigh volume by 3 centimeters.
    • Accelerates skin metabolism, restoring the silhouette, giving it firmness and toning!

    *Research on 33 women aged 21-54, for 56 days, with daily use twice a day.

  2. Something Wild in Emporios: A unique renewal proposal rich in mastic and lava with perlite beads for the deepest exfoliation your body can withstand.

  3. SlimSerum: Caffeine and chocolate activate fat burning, reducing the accumulation of fat and fluids, resulting in a reduction in localized thickness.

  4. Fatty Boom: Its composition is enriched with potent ingredients such as HotFlux and capsaicin, creating a burning sensation on the skin, stimulating blood microcirculation, and causing targeted fat dissolution and reduction from the first applications!


Mastic Origins scientific laboratories suggest:

  • The treatment starts with exfoliation using Something Wild in Emporios (twice a week).
  • Apply the SlimSerum serum with upward circular motions until fully absorbed.
  • Continue the treatment with the application of the Lipodermique cream.
  • For even more immediate results, apply the heating oil Fatty Boom four times a week before Lipodermique, ensuring it is well shaken to activate the peppers it contains.

**Guarantee of Effectiveness - Money-Back Guarantee: Reduction of the buttock circumference by at least 0.8 centimeters in 28 days of use of all 4 products!

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€45,42 Regular price €75,70

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