The ultimate cream against cellulite and local thickness. Our scientific laboratories have created a unique composition, enriched with active ingredients that act effectively in areas where there is accumulation of fat and cellulite. Red seaweed and Mastic reduce the accumulation...
€22,00 €15,40
Slimming oil against cellulite and local thickness with red seaweed and mastic oil. Its composition is enriched with active ingredients such as HotFlux and capsaicin where they create a burning sensation in the skin, stimulate blood microcirculation and cause targeted...
€18,50 €12,95
Is ideal when intensive action and efficiency is needed to firm up saggy areas (thighs, decollate, abdomen etc). Usage: Apply locally on problematic areas, massaging gently. Expected results : • Liposvelte Cream-Serum is ideal when intensive action and efficiency is...
€18,38 €12,86
C.M.I.LE (Chios Mastic Is LEgendary)
The world's first Mastic cosmetic with a history of 1978. C.M.I.LE (Chios Mastic Is Legendary) is a gingival toothpaste that also fights dental plaque thanks to the unique properties of Mastic. Clinical studies have shown that Mastic helps fight gingivitis...
MythicEye Serum
* Research by the French Institute reduce wrinkles in the eye area by up to 80%. Quick-acting anti-wrinkle eye serum, which also reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags around the eyes. Phytodermina lifting extract is a plant agent...
The most powerful synthesis of Mastic Origins. Liftantique is a restorative and anti-wrinkle Lifting cream with Mastic, truffle olive oil and rich in plant extracts. Hydraporine is a combination of natural ingredients, which in combination with hyaluronic acid and honey,...
MythicEye Cream
Organic cream soft and active with pure composition in a package of 60ml! The fat system of vitamins C enhances the synthesis of collagen with the result that the folds on the lashes and wrinkles "calm down". The combined action...
A double-acting therapeutic cream for breast augmentation and removal of stretch marks that are created in the area of the chest and buttocks. Black oak honey from the Arcadia Forest in combination with Mastic heals stretch marks and prevents the...
Facial Cleanser
It is a soap-gel that deeply cleanses clogged pores. The combined action of mastic and organic cannabis oil has proven to have very high antibacterial and antifungal properties while spinach stimulates the skin while having astringent properties. Its rich foam...
Moisturizing, refreshing and certified Vegan body gel / yogurt with mastic liqueur and sea water. It offers 48-hour hydration and gives a scent of freshness to the body that lasts all day. It is absorbed immediately, leaves no oiliness and...
Something Wild in Emporios
Body Butter Scrub Βαθιά Απολέπιση . Λάβα & Μαστίχα Mε Περλίτη, Αλάτι & Ροζ αλάτι  Ιμαλαΐων 450 ml / 10 Fl.oz ΝΕΑ ΣΥΝΘΕΣΗ Μια μοναδική πρόταση ανανέωσης για το σώμα σας. Με σύνθεση εμπλουτισμένη με λάβα, πλούσια σε ελαιόλαδο, αμυγδαλέλαιο και κόκκους περλίτη...
€16,90 €11,83
Gentle, pure and organic cream 24 hours a day, with water reserves for normal and combination skin. Buttersperm butter, aloe extracts and vitamin E help rejuvenate the hydrolipid film, restoring water balance. Hyaluronic acid acts on the epidermal film, moisturizing...
Liftantique Drops
  Immediately effective and active serum whose action is based on the complex of olive oil with truffle and mastic. The above ingredients act in the deeper layers of the skin, binding free radicals, resulting in the prevention of skin...
Truffle Hair Loss Shampoo
The unique complex of mastic and truffle olive oil favour hair growth and create a unique, highly efficient product. Its unique formula produces impressive results. Ingredients:   Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, (Aqua and Polyquaternium-10), Cocamide DEA, Parfume (Fragrance), Sodium...
Oral solution for sensitive teeth and irritated gums. All-natural system with a unique ability to fight gingivitis and dental plaque. Due to the high antibacterial and antifungal properties of mastic, it acts quickly and effectively to protect the teeth from...
Banana Shampoo
Best seller in haircare products. Moisturizing and certified Vegan hair shampoo with Mastic and Bananas of Crete. The antibacterial action of Mastic and Banana proteins, penetrates inside the hair and moisturizes it while nourishing it internally, creating a natural gentle...
24-hour organic face cream with anti-wrinkle and firming action. Aloe enhances its elasticity skin and softens facial muscles while reducing immediate and effective wrinkle lines. Hydroporin and hyaluronic acid, provide continuous and rich hydration making the skin supple, firm and...
Night Refresh
Anti-wrinkle and firming night cream with Mastic and truffle olive oil. Vitamin E with antioxidant action against free radicals, gives the skin the food it needs to replenish lost - during the day - elements. Hydraporine is an innovative combination...
Banana Hydra Gel
Certified Vegan body shower gel with rich creamy foam. Cretan banana extracts, mastic and natural cleansers factors ensure absolute cleansing action without however to remove the moisturizing elements of the skin.  Instructions for use: Apply with the sponge to the...
Iridescent dry treatment oil for the face, body and hair that has a soft texture and sensual scent that brings to mind the golden beaches, the sun and the sea. The composition enriched with mastic, argan oil, sweet almond, and...
Mastiholic Shower Gel
Moisturizing shower gel with Mastic liqueur and sea water. Its vegan composition is specially designed to soothe and care for the skin. The rich foam creates a clean and perfectly hydrated skin as well as gently scented.
Fig Body Butter
Rich Vegan body cream with mastic and fig. Deeply moisturizes dry skin, soothing it and providing lasting hydration, nourishment and radiance. Its aroma will captivate you! Directions for use: Apply to your body and gently massage until absorbed. Excludes: Parabens,...
Λάδι προσώπου, μαλλιών και σώματος 3σε1  Βαθιά Ενυδάτωση & Προστασία Μαστίχα & Argan Oil 175 ml/ 5,83 Fl.oz Ένα ξεχωριστό ξηρό λάδι πολλών χρήσεων που αποκαθιστά την υγιή όψη της επιδερμίδας και των μαλλιών. Μια εξαιρετικά αποτελεσματική φόρμουλα πλούσια σε...
Moisturizing and relaxing organic foot cream, for tired feet and their hard and dehydrated areas. Its gentle composition consists of Cannabis Oil which in combination with Mastic provide an antibacterial shield, and at the same time moisturize and soothe the...
Truffle olive oil, mastic and all-natural substances, offering a unique stimulating fresh skin.  Ingredients:  Aqua, Glycerin, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Trilaureth-4 Phosphate, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Polyacrylate & Hydrogenated Polydecene & Trideceth-6, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Dimethicone ,Diazolidinyl Urea ,Disodium EDTA,...
Mango Wash Gel
Nature rests on your senses and the body begins to breathe again. Cocktails from fresh mango and mastic create a Vegan bubble bath that refreshes, relaxes and at the same time tones the skin. Gives a wonderful aroma of freshness...
Argan Shampoo
Hair on dyed and damaged hair is enough porous and dull. Its balanced and natural composition. Argan Shampoo provides the necessary hydration to the hair and increases its luster. The pure ingredients it contains, with Mastic as the main protagonist and...
Energizing Cream
The absolute 24-hour hydration of the face is achieved thanks to the unique composition of the energizing cream. Spirulina has an effect on the peripheral circulation, increasing the oxygenation of the cells, as a result of which it tightens the...
Our magical roots are in our Greek lands. Mastic Origins supplies red soil from the Kokkinopilos forest on Mount Olympus and presents you a unique gel scrub for deep cleansing and exfoliation. It removes dead cells from the face with...
Wild Mandarin Butter Scrub
Exfoliating body cream that deeply cleanses the pores of the skin leaving it hydrated. Chios mandarin moisturizes and refreshes the skin while the antibacterial properties of mastic together with almond oil keep the skin firm, hydrated and clean.
Banana conditioner
Banana conditioner Certified Vegan hair conditioner enriched with Cretan banana pulp that offers deep nourishment to the hair, leaving it softer, easier to comb, with a natural shine and wonderfully scented. Cretan bananas are rich in Vitamins E, they offer...
Night Refresh Serum
  The rich composition of the organic serum effectively contributes to enhancing the vitality and renewal of its cells skin overnight, restoring the natural radiance and radiance of the skin, from the very next morning. Mastic and aloe are two...
Brightening Hair Mask
Certified Vegan hair mask enriched with Cretan banana pulp that offers deep nourishment to the hair, leaving it softer, easier to comb, with a natural shine and wonderfully scented. Cretan bananas are rich in Vitamins E, they offer deep hydration...
Gentle 24-hour cream with water reserves for normal and mixed skins. Shea butter, Aloe vera and vitamin E facilitate the renewal of the hydrolipid film, restoring fluid balance. Hyaluronic acid acts on the epidermal film, hydrating the topical skin layers...
2in1 Scrub Mask
Natural face and eye mask 2 in 1 with green clay, rich in astringent natural agents. Mastic has high antibacterial and antifungal properties. The skin regains its lost velvety texture and remains hydrated and perfectly clean. The granules offer light...
Repair Hair Mask
The combination of mastic with truffle olive oil is a pioneering and unique treatment for hair loss that promotes hair growth. The repair hair mask is a Vegan hair mask with a pure composition of plant extracts which offers enhanced...
Toning Lotion
Λοσιόν τόνωσης-Θρέψης Βιολογικό Κανναβέλαιο & Μαστίχα Όλοι οι τύποι δέρματος 250 ml Τονωτική λοσιόν προσώπου και λαιμού που καθαρίζει και φρεσκάρει την επιδερμίδα. Η μαστίχα και η αλλαντοΐνη δίνουν την απαραίτητη αντιβακτηριδιακή ασπίδα και το βιολογικό κανναβέλαιο φρεσκάρει και αναζωογονεί...
Sold Out
Enhanced hair serum with Mastic and Argan oil to rebuild the hair with more immediate results than a simple hair oil. Ideal for dehydrated and dry hair. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply 1-2 pressures on the palm of your hand, increase...
Αντισηπτικό τζέλ χεριών ήπιας αντισηπτικής δράσης.   Μαστιχέλαιο που έχει αποδεδειγμένη αντιμικροβιακή δράση!   70%  Αιθυλική Αλκοόλη Με Μαστίχα, Γλυκερίνη & Αλόη.   500ml   Ingredients:  Den.Ethyl Alcohol , Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Carbomer, Parfum (Fragrance), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, , Pistacia...
Vegan body shower gel with Mastic & ouzo! Its composition offers a silky texture to the skin and a magical scent made from pure ingredients and the special properties of the asteroid anise (ouzo). The rich foam offers rejuvenation to...
Moisturizing body lotion that nourishes the skin, leaving it rejuvenated and wonderfully scented with Mastic scent. It has a Vegan composition with Mastic as the protagonist, offering fast hydration and nourishment that lasts 48 hours. It is absorbed immediately and...
Προς όλους τους Mastiholic (εννοώντας φυσικά εσένα ή κάποιον τυχερό αγαπημένο σου): Με αυτό το γιορτινό #limitededition Gift Set, είσαι μόλις λίγα λεπτά μακριά απο ένα ανεπανάληπτα απαλό, καθαρό και… παραπλανητικά - θα λέγαμε🙈 - αρωματισμένο δέρμα!  Πού να το...
€15,30 €11,47
Ouzo Shampoo
Pure nourishing and moisturizing shampoo. The hair regains its natural shine while remaining hydrated and soft. Its Vegan composition is enriched with Mastic and Ouzo that moisturize and nourish the scalp from the root. The highly intoxicating aroma that lasts....
Soft, hydrating and refreshing body milk. Organic extracts along with melon moisturize and refresh skin leaving it firm and radiant. Ingredients:  Aqua, Glycerin, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Trilaureth-4 Phosphate, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Polyacrylate & Hydrogenated Polydecene & Trideceth-6,...
Truffle Hair Loss Conditioner
Ενδυνάμωση-Τριχόπτωση Ελαιόλαδο Τρούφας & Μαστίχα 250 ml / 8,33 Fl.oz Ο συνδυασμός της μαστίχας με το ελαιόλαδο τρούφας, αποτελεί μια πρωτοποριακή και μοναδική αγωγή τριχόπτωσης που ευνοεί την ανάπτυξη της τρίχας. Είναι μια νέα πρόταση στο τεράστιο πρόβλημα της τριχόπτωσης, μια...
Hydrative Drops
  Moisturizing organic serum, which maintains and increases water reserves. Spirulina has an effect on the peripheral circulation, increasing the oxygenation of cells resulting in tightening the skin and at the same time its high content of vitamins moisturizes the...
Eye mask ideal for reducing puffiness in the eye area and the gradual reduction of wrinkles. Escin is a herbal remedy obtained from horse chestnut, which reduces the signs of skin aging. Hyaluronic acid, is the most effective moisturizing agent,...
Ultra Derm
anti-wrinkle extra firming face & neck cream An ultra and fast action antiwrinkle face and neck cream for the sensitive neck area. Kinetin is a plant hormone that visibly reduces skin's ageing signs. Truffle combined with olive oil offer antioxidant...
ComplX Cream
  It is a gentle organic cream that regulates the oiliness of the skin. Kinetin with anti-aging properties, prevents premature aging of cells, while filagrinol and organic cannabis oil while maintaining water balance, make the skin firm and soft. Vitamin...
Moisturizing shampoo for dry and brittle hair with Mastic liqueur and sea water from the "Mastiholic" series of Mastic Origins. It has a rich texture, vegan composition, leaving the hair root in their natural moisture creating a healthy look and...

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