Τα επιστηµονικά εργαστήρια της Mastic Origins καινοτοµούν για ακόµη µια φορά. Με το ενυδατικό τζελ/γιαούρτι σώµατος Frozen Fruits Cocktail η ενυδάτωση της επιδερµίδας µας είναι ζήτηµα δευτερολέπτων! Είναι ένα καινοτόµο προϊόν το οποίο µε την εφαρµογή του στην επιδερµίδα σας, προσφέρει...
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Truffle Body Butter
This moisturizing Vegan body cream offers the skin a rich 48-hour hydration and a wonderful feeling of coolness, leaving it immediately softer and refreshed. Mastic in combination with truffle olive oil compose a soft texture rich in moisturizing oils, leaving...
€12,50 €10,00
A double-acting therapeutic cream for breast augmentation and removal of stretch marks that are created in the area of the chest and buttocks. Black oak honey from the Arcadia Forest in combination with Mastic heals stretch marks and prevents the...
€17,80 €11,57
Moisturizing and relaxing organic foot cream, for tired feet and their hard and dehydrated areas. Its gentle composition consists of Cannabis Oil which in combination with Mastic provide an antibacterial shield, and at the same time moisturize and soothe the...
€9,49 €6,17
Moisturizing, refreshing and certified Vegan body gel / yogurt with mastic liqueur and sea water. It offers 48-hour hydration and gives a scent of freshness to the body that lasts all day. It is absorbed immediately, leaves no oiliness and...
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Fig Body Butter
Rich Vegan body cream with mastic and fig. Deeply moisturizes dry skin, soothing it and providing lasting hydration, nourishment and radiance. Its aroma will captivate you! Directions for use: Apply to your body and gently massage until absorbed. Excludes: Parabens,...
€12,50 €8,13
Ouzo Body Butter
Thirst your skin with Ouzo! Certified Vegan body cream that refreshes dry skin, soothing the skin providing it with lasting hydration and radiance. The beneficial properties of asteroid anise in combination with mastic compose a rich-textured body cream with a...
€9,50 €6,18
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