Vegan body shower gel with Mastic & ouzo! Its composition offers a silky texture to the skin and a magical scent made from pure ingredients and the special properties of the asteroid anise (ouzo). The rich foam offers rejuvenation to...
Ouzo Shampoo
Pure nourishing and moisturizing shampoo. The hair regains its natural shine while remaining hydrated and soft. Its Vegan composition is enriched with Mastic and Ouzo that moisturize and nourish the scalp from the root. The highly intoxicating aroma that lasts....
Enhanced, moisturizing and toning body emulsion, with the special properties of asteroid anise (ouzo). It is ideal for normal to dry skin, has a wonderful aroma, despite its light texture, offers deep hydration and a feeling of nourishment that lasts...
Ouzo Body Butter
Thirst your skin with Ouzo! Certified Vegan body cream that refreshes dry skin, soothing the skin providing it with lasting hydration and radiance. The beneficial properties of asteroid anise in combination with mastic compose a rich-textured body cream with a...
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