Something Wild in Emporios
Body Butter Scrub Βαθιά Απολέπιση . Λάβα & Μαστίχα Mε Περλίτη & Αλάτι 450 ml / 10 Fl.oz Μια μοναδική πρόταση ανανέωσης για το σώμα σας. Με σύνθεση εμπλουτισμένη με λάβα, πλούσια σε ελαιόλαδο,αμυγδαλέλαιο και κόκκους περλίτη και αλατιού.  Οδηγίες Χρήσης: Μετά το μπάνιο...
Wild Mandarin Butter Scrub
Exfoliating body cream that deeply cleanses the pores of the skin leaving it hydrated. Chios mandarin moisturizes and refreshes the skin while the antibacterial properties of mastic together with almond oil keep the skin firm, hydrated and clean.
Body Polisher with Mastic, Mint Frozen Lime and Almond Oil. The combination of the above ingredients 'cools' the body, hydrates it and offers immediate rejuvenation. Sea salt granules act as an exfoliating agent by expelling dead cells from the body....
Exfoliating body scrub with mastic liqueur, sea water and grains of sand for gentle exfoliation and deep hydration. A unique Vegan product in the form of yogurt that removes dead cells from your body and with the help of mastic...
Truffle's Power Scrub
Body Butter Scrub A 24 hour hydrating Body peeling Cream with truffle olive oil. Without leaving a trace of oiliness, this cream hydrates ideally in a 24 hour bases very dry skins  Ingredients:  Aqua, Octyl Stearate, Glycerin, (Cyclopentasitoxane ,Cyclohexasltoxane), C12-20...
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