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26-day treatment for total skin restoration.

Treatment for incredible radiance, wrinkle smoothing, and reduction of dark circles in just 26 days with a money-back guarantee*

Important: Take a photo of your face before the treatment and 26 days after.

*In case there is no visible difference in 26 days, we refund the money!

The treatment products are:

  1. Energizing cream: Spirulina has an effect on the peripheral circulation, increasing the oxygenation of cells resulting in tightening the skin and at the same time its high content of vitamins moisturizes the skin. At the same time, Hyaluronic acid (HyActive powder) reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 26% and hydrates by 27%.

  2. Mythiceye Serum: An anti-wrinkle eye serum with rapid action that simultaneously reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags around the eyes. The Phytodermina lifting extract is a plant-based ingredient with an immediate lifting effect in the application area, resulting in a reduction of puffiness under the eyes by tightening the skin. The caffeine-lecithin complex has a local action, reducing annoying puffiness (bags) and gradually changing the tired appearance of the skin, brightening it.

  3. Mythiceye Cream: Gentle and effective organic cream with a pure composition in a 60ml package! The vitamin C liposome system enhances collagen synthesis, resulting in soothing eyelid folds and wrinkles. The combined action of vitamins A & E with truffle olive oil improves microcirculation, gradually reducing dark circles, and restoring the skin's natural radiance.



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€36,29 Regular price €65,99

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