Argan Shampoo
Hair on dyed and damaged hair is enough porous and dull. Its balanced and natural composition. Argan Shampoo provides the necessary hydration to the hair and increases its luster. The pure ingredients it contains, with Mastic as the main protagonist and...
Banana conditioner
Banana conditioner Certified Vegan hair conditioner enriched with Cretan banana pulp that offers deep nourishment to the hair, leaving it softer, easier to comb, with a natural shine and wonderfully scented. Cretan bananas are rich in Vitamins E, they offer...
Enhanced hair serum with Mastic and Argan oil to rebuild the hair with more immediate results than a simple hair oil. Ideal for dehydrated and dry hair. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply 1-2 pressures on the palm of your hand, increase...
Ouzo Shampoo
Pure nourishing and moisturizing shampoo. The hair regains its natural shine while remaining hydrated and soft. Its Vegan composition is enriched with Mastic and Ouzo that moisturize and nourish the scalp from the root. The highly intoxicating aroma that lasts....
Happy Comb
Αρωματικό σπρει που ξεμπερδεύει τα μαλλιά, χωρίς να τα βαραίνει. Έχει σαν βάση τη Μαστίχα και την καρύδα καθώς επίσης και μαλακτικούς παράγοντες που ενυδατώνουν την τρίχα σε βάθος και ενισχύουν την ελαστικότητα της. Έτσι τα μαλλιά γίνονται ευκολοχτένιστα και απαλά...
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Enhanced hair serum ideal for protection in case of hair loss. Protects the root of the head and strengthens it in depth. Its composition is stronger than a simple hair oil and is enriched with mastic and aloe. For more...
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