A double-acting therapeutic cream for breast augmentation and removal of stretch marks that are created in the area of the chest and buttocks. Black oak honey from the Arcadia Forest in combination with Mastic heals stretch marks and prevents the...
€17,80 €10,68
Gentle, pure and organic cream 24 hours a day, with water reserves for normal and combination skin. Buttersperm butter, aloe extracts and vitamin E help rejuvenate the hydrolipid film, restoring water balance. Hyaluronic acid acts on the epidermal film, moisturizing...
€21,00 €12,60
Our magical roots are in our Greek lands. Mastic Origins supplies red soil from the Kokkinopilos forest on Mount Olympus and presents you a unique gel scrub for deep cleansing and exfoliation. It removes dead cells from the face with...
€15,90 €9,54
One of the most special products of Mastic Origins. Literally a magic cleansing gel for the face, ideal for make-up removal, where during its application it turns into a soap-emulsion. Enriched with Mastic and Ganoderma Mushroom ("the mushroom of immortality")...
€15,70 €9,42
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