MythicEye Cream
Organic cream soft and active with pure composition in a package of 60ml! The fat system of vitamins C enhances the synthesis of collagen with the result that the folds on the lashes and wrinkles "calm down". The combined action...
€21,80 €13,08
The most powerful synthesis of Mastic Origins. Liftantique is a restorative and anti-wrinkle Lifting cream with Mastic, truffle olive oil and rich in plant extracts. Hydraporine is a combination of natural ingredients, which in combination with hyaluronic acid and honey,...
€29,00 €17,40
Ultra Derm
anti-wrinkle extra firming face & neck cream An ultra and fast action antiwrinkle face and neck cream for the sensitive neck area. Kinetin is a plant hormone that visibly reduces skin's ageing signs. Truffle combined with olive oil offer antioxidant...
€15,90 €9,54
24-hour organic face cream with anti-wrinkle and firming action. Aloe enhances its elasticity skin and softens facial muscles while reducing immediate and effective wrinkle lines. Hydroporin and hyaluronic acid, provide continuous and rich hydration making the skin supple, firm and...
€26,30 €15,78
Night Refresh
Anti-wrinkle and firming night cream with Mastic and truffle olive oil. Vitamin E with antioxidant action against free radicals, gives the skin the food it needs to replenish lost - during the day - elements. Hydraporine is an innovative combination...
€21,60 €12,96
Gentle 24-hour cream with water reserves for normal and mixed skins. Shea butter, Aloe vera and vitamin E facilitate the renewal of the hydrolipid film, restoring fluid balance. Hyaluronic acid acts on the epidermal film, hydrating the topical skin layers...
€15,90 €9,54
Energizing Cream
The absolute 24-hour hydration of the face is achieved thanks to the unique composition of the energizing cream. Spirulina has an effect on the peripheral circulation, increasing the oxygenation of the cells, as a result of which it tightens the...
€18,60 €11,16
Κι όμως, τα επιστημονικά μας εργαστήρια δημιούργησαν και αυτό που όμοιό του δεν υπάρχει τόσο στην Ελληνική όσο και στην παγκόσμια αγορά αντηλιακών! Αντηλιακό γαλάκτωμα προσώπου & σώματος 2σε1 με δείκτη προστασίας spf30 το οποίο με τη εφαρμογή του, χαρίζει...
€12,90 €7,74
Θεραπεία 26 ημερών για ολική επαναφορά του δέρματος. Αγωγή για απίστευτη λάμψη, λείανση ρυτίδων και μείωση των μαύρων κύκλων σε μόλις 26 ημέρες με εγγύηση επιστροφής χρημάτων* Σημαντικό: Φωτογραφίστε το πρόσωπο σας πριν την θεραπεία και 26 ημέρες μετά. *Σε περίπτωση...
€69,10 €41,46
ComplX Cream
  It is a gentle organic cream that regulates the oiliness of the skin. Kinetin with anti-aging properties, prevents premature aging of cells, while filagrinol and organic cannabis oil while maintaining water balance, make the skin firm and soft. Vitamin...
€22,00 €13,20
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